Top 9 Node JS Developer Skills To Consider Before Hiring

Top 9 Node JS Developer Skills To Consider Before Hiring

These are skills that will carry you forward in your career. JavaScript has long been a versatile programming language, hence why it’s one of the most popular, if not the most popular, languages Junior Node JS developer job in the world. While it’s known for its ability to create advanced client-side scripts, you can also use it to create backend applications on the server-side with the right tools.

What should a junior node JS developer know

In the current tech climate, Node.js is one of the most popular backend technologies used by developers. It is crucial that you verify the Node.js developer skills of your candidate in order to make a high quality hire. While full stack developers make the most, entry level web developer jobs are still a lucrative jumping off point.

2. What glossary terms are important to know in Node.js (including frameworks, libraries and language versions)?

This percentage is because the other 40% is spent in other languages or environments. Developers also need to be informed about software updates and other tools because the field is always changing. Want to join the ranks of successful companies using Node.js?

Why Millennials are Crazy about Full-stack Web Developer Jobs? – Analytics Insight

Why Millennials are Crazy about Full-stack Web Developer Jobs?.

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Troubleshooting and syntax manipulation are basic problem-solving skills that every Node.js developer needs to demonstrate. Security is becoming an increasingly complex issue in today’s digital world. Any IT expert would tell you that implementing data protection systems in web applications or programs takes top priority. This prevents hacking events, security breaches, and data theft. Make sure the web developer you’re hiring knows his stuff when it comes to security. Other must-know Model-View-Controller frameworks for Node.js include Strongloop, Sinatra, and Rails.

Where Do I Find My Node JS Expert

Watch out for companies that are intensely top-down oriented. No job is perfect, but some are a lot less perfect than others. To empower you as a junior developer, we want to share 10 red flags to watch out for in a company. Side projects give you a playground to explore, develop passions, and build your experience without timelines or harsh consequences.

Several leading tech companies use Node.js to build applications. Here are some of the most popular types of Node.js apps with examples. ZipRecruiter lists an average yearly salary of $114k for remote work — surprisingly higher than the average Node.js developer.’s estimate is even higher at $135k/year, with experienced developers earning up to $145k/year and entry-level positions beginning at $88k/year. Experience level can have a significant impact on your final salary.

What should a junior node JS developer know

But the key is finding developers with the right Node.js CV template, resume points and description points, on the fresher, backend and senior development level. It’s a challenge, but it can be done if you know what you’re looking for. A recent usage report from shows that four out of five backend and Full Stack developers have the skills to fill a Node.js resume template. Other than that, take for instance this recent survey of developers by Statista.

Node.js resume points—Junior Level:

This advantage is in clear contrast to the typical web request/response paradigm, whereby the client always initiates communication. As most client side applications including web pages and web applications use code written in JavaScript, the advantage of also writing server-side script in Javascript is enormous. How do you create an organization that is nimble, flexible and takes a fresh view of team structure?

What should a junior node JS developer know

Check out our services for hiring enterprise talent or hiring startup talent today. Now that you’ve made the extra effort with networking and skill polishing, it’s time to dive into some actual entry level web developer jobs listings. Start by simply searching for “junior web developer” on sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Indeed, and don’t worry about the company or the location. The idea is for you to see what employers are looking for and what kind of options are available in general. Now that we’ve discussed the Node.js fresher resume, what additional skills should you expect at the next level?

When polled, more than 30 percent said they were actively looking for developers with experience in this environment. And yet, not even 20 percent of developers have learned how to use Node.js. We’ll walk you through the qualifications a developer needs to succeed in Node.js programming — and how potential employers can find them. Before jumping into the differences between Junior, Midlevel, Senior, and Lead developer, let’s have a look at the two key roles you need to build a web application.

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It’s 1 AM, this became a teensy bit long, and looking back on it I feel like I wrote the job description for a senior position or a team lead. Regardless, I hope this helps to give an idea of the skill set you should strive for, and how the majority of it really isn’t specific to NodeJS. Learn both the query language as well as how tables, indexes, and queries work. What’s important to look for when hiring developers with Node.js experience? Besides the usual architecture design, logic, collaborative, and communication skills you’d require when hiring any developer, there are some things that are unique to Node developers. About SkillcrushWe’re on a mission to support our students—especially those marginalized by gender, race, and/or age—to learn in-demand tech skills and land higher paying and more fulfilling jobs.

  • Let us help you choose one of these backend development tech.
  • Start a new project or take an existing one to the next level.
  • Side projects give you a playground to explore, develop passions, and build your experience without timelines or harsh consequences.
  • Here a function needs to wait for another function to execute or return a value and this makes the chain of the functionalities (when X is completed, then Y is executed, and it goes on.).
  • You will also save time and money when you choose a company that can facilitate the hiring process for you, like ProCoders.

Of course interviewer may and will ask you more questions not only about Node.js and JavaScript, it can be questions about SOLID, design patterns, architecture, databases and many other topics. But if know the answers to all questions in this article, you will definitely make a good impression on your interviewer. Node JS development for desktop and mobile applications differs greatly and your potential hire should know that.

Technical screening of Node.js developer skills during a phone/video interview

Essentially, a promise is a returned object to which you attach callbacks, instead of passing callbacks into a function.”. Promises resolve the issue of ‘callback hell’ which is nothing but a recursive structure of callbacks . Thus, when you are considering the skills required for Node js developer for making a hiring decision, make sure you look at the knowledge of API Communications. Therefore, while looking to hire Node.js developer, do test their proficiency in API communications and their understanding of how each system communicates with the other. WebStorm IDE is another great Javascript IDE. It’s super-lightweight and the complete package for building Node.js apps both on the client and server-side. It helps in debugging, tracking, and unit testing especially for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS development projects.

What should a junior node JS developer know

Only being good at hard, tech skills means you probably don’t understand the wider application of your work, and you may miss things. Technical skills will only get you so far in real-world business. Even if you were top of your class, you may not be prepared for the rigor of the professional world. Professionalism is key to surviving as a junior developer, no matter what your long-term goals may be. Jumping headfirst into the tech industry can be overwhelming.

Crucial Points of a Node.js Developer’s Resume

Understanding backend development is still important even if you plan to focus on the front end – if you specialize, it means you’re going to have to work with other specialists. If you understand a little bit of how their world works, this will be a heckuva lot easier. Without a doubt, commercial experience with Node.js is the most important factor to consider here. Working on business-related projects and delivering stable software are the benchmarks for the platform. Scientific and academic experience for React is almost irrelevant.

Provides the option of non-blocking I/O systems which helps developers to process several requests concurrently. Allows developers to scale applications in horizontal and vertical directions. Reports from Indeed indicate that the number of job searches for Node.js rose by 57% from the previous year, demonstrating it’s growing demand. This special piece of tech is used by a whole host of tech-giants and multinational companies alike including Netflix, Uber, LinkedIn, NASA, PayPal, Microsoft and Walmart.

The ability to successfully communicate significantly increases the execution of any project or task. With more than 6.5 million developers currently engaged in IoT, give or take, 31.5% of the 6.5 million loosely translates into more than 2 million developers when the CAGR if factored in. Location-wise, most of these developers are based in the UK, USA, Brazil, India, Australia, China, and Ukraine. Every workflow stage is open and honest, especially regarding prices. We will inform our clients if their suggested budget or project deadline is unattainable. Also, ProCoders will let them know about the non-relevant technology they selected and provide an alternative.

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