The Regrets And Leftover Emotions After Someone Dies

The Regrets And Leftover Emotions After Someone Dies

I’m the only one left out of my family too. I’ve never felt so isolated or alone and yet it’s my choice. I am down and my faith for the first time is really wavering.

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Myself, having been caring for my mom and assisting with her support from age 14, we were close and I felt very angry about it all. He did leave and then my youngest decided to announce a plan to move out also. …and leave me holding the lease obligation on a 3 bedroom house with 10 months left. My youngest told my bf that I likely have “BPD” and need “psychiatric help”. Mind you, I have already been in counseling for these 2 years dealing with Mom’s illness and during a custody eval I had all the extensive “psyche testing” available. Neither my therapist nor the results of the testing agrees with that diagnoses.

  • Each square mile anywhere in the world is made up of peopl e of different ethnicities, with national identities and individual personalities.
  • We see this in the world of music often.
  • Likewise, he never got to know my kids or shared in my life.
  • If you don’t fail then you are not trying.
  • I know you love your brother very much and we both wish you could have grown together as siblings to be healthy, independent, happy adults.

The family always made sure to tell me that he was “only joking.” It was my fault, of course, because I would run when he tried to chase after me. After I was in my teens he would find other ways to harass me verbally. In my 30’s I made the decision to avoid his presence, thereby avoiding all family functions at my friend’s house.

It may not get finished in the way you imagined when that person was alive (if you were planning for a direct conversation, obviously that just isn’t going to happen). You can still find ways to say the things you wanted to say. That could be in the form of a journal, letter to the person who died, artistic expression, or with a therapist. If we understand grief as a natural reaction to loss, you may be thinking that it isn’t a “loss” that this person isn’t in your world anymore. You might think if you didn’t like or want them in your life, it can’t be grief.

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He seems to be very good at charming people. How can this marriage be possibly true? And, I still say it is bizarre that a Filipino girl and family would participate in a total abandonment of all Filipino protocol for grieving (see prior post. I have just read part of that website. Apparently the person who publishes it, can neither spell nor use proper grammar and syntax. I’ve personally lost 100% of the respect I once had for the man.

Our Hopes And Dreams Vanish

I am happy to begin to understand that my reaction to his death is normal. I appreciate the suggestions that you have offered and I intend to take them to heart. I am so encouraged that I took the the time to investigate my feelings and to seek validation. More, I am very very encouraged that I listen to myself and can get in touch with how I feel more quickly. Being in a relationship with toxic people sidelined me long enough to begin to learn how to do this. I am grateful that my future can be better in this regard.

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When you allow your tears to flow freely and naturally, it’ll make you feel better to cry whenever the mood strikes. Crying releases specific mood enhancers that can instantly work to lift your mood when you’re feeling overwhelmed with grief. It’s also okay if you don’t feel like crying. I just hate it when someone tells me “they’re in a better place.

I was more honored that someone cared enough to call, send a card or visit than to worry if they didn’t say exactly what I thought they should. With very few exceptions- most people are just trying to give comfort the best way they know how. I have to respectfully disagree with you. I lost my son 2 years ago and I think “I’m sorry” is a perfectly apporpriate thing to say. It’s short, to the point and true. And as far as I’m concerned a response of ‘thank you’ is also perfectly appropriate.

Make The Most Of Time With Loved Ones

I do however feel bad that I hurt them as they say and they are not even giving me a chance to express myself in person. My husband’s son’s mother died recently, and I do not feel bad about it. We had no contact with each other for the past several years, so nothing has changed in my world in that regard, and, hence, I do not feel any sense of loss—or relief, even. She did a lot of irreparable damage to our marriage. And she drove a wedge between her son and I which has made it difficult for us to ever really bond, even now that he’s grown.

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