Can I Still Paint If My House’s Walls Are Damaged?

If you are thinking about having the outside of your house painted then it is likely that you have started to notice all the damaged areas. Things like peeling and cracked paint, dry rot, and other surface blemishes suddenly become bigger and more noticeable when you take a close look at your home. The idea of fixing all of these issues before you even get to the point of painting can be overwhelming and might even convince you to give up on painting. But, it is absolutely necessary to deal with these issues if you want a high quality finished product. If you’re not sure what to do, and at the same time don’t want to deal with repairs with the help of DIY tutorials that companies like The Marketing Heaven promote on social networks, there is some good news. Painting contractors can deal with many of these damage problems for you as a part of the preparation process for painting your home.

Peeling and cracked paint

An experienced painting contractor will have no problem working with a wall that has peeling and cracking paint. It is completely normal for them to have to deal with these issues when preparing the exterior of buildings for a paint job. A painting contractor will have the tools necessary to quickly and effectively deal with peeling and cracked paint. One of the tools that they use to get rid of any peeling issues is a pressure washer. This tool can spray off loose paint that could cause problems for the painting portion of the project if it is not addressed. Sometimes there are parts of an exterior building that need to be scraped before it’s painted. Your painting contractor will have the experience to recognize which areas need that extra care.

Dry rot

Dry rot can take a big toll on the look of your home. Even well-maintained homes can get dry rot because it is impacted by a number of factors such as the age of your home, the building materials, and the climate in your area of the country. If you are thinking about having your home painted, the good news is that a high-quality and experienced painting contractor can usually help you deal with some damage caused by dry rot. In severe cases it is possible that you may need a separate contractor to come in a replace some of the materials on the exterior of your home. But, do not let dry rot keep you from getting an estimate from a painting contractor because it’s possible that it’s an issue that they can deal with as they prepare your home to be painted.

Surface blemishes

There are a number of ways that the exterior of your home can become damaged. Surface blemishes can often happen just from a case of bad weather, DIY projects gone wrong or previous issues with your foundation. Your painting team can take care of the majority of these issues during the prep and painting process.Painting contractors can deal with many types of surface damage. If you are worried about the level of damage you can start with an estimate from a high quality painting company. They will take a look and let you know if there is any part of the damage that is something that they can work around, or if you’ll need to call in another contractor beforehand.